About Me

Hi, I’m James. I’m a stock trader with over 10 years experience trading the markets. I started out around 2008 as a part-time day trader, just dabbling in the markets on the side. I eventually got good enough to where I decided to take it full time. In my first stint as a full time day trader from 2013-2014, I made six figures and was among the top 20 traders on profit.ly, a website that tracks trader performance. A few of you may remember my old trading blog “Welcome to the Gutter.” After some blowups in late 2014 and 2015, I took time off to build my business Weightology. During that time, I worked on my trading systems. I spent 1.5 years paper trading, learning from my past mistakes and making dramatic improvements in my strategies and risk management. I eventually returned to trading with real money. The hard work and patience paid off. I’m now up over 25000% since January of 2019 and I’m the all-time top-ranked trader on Kinfo. I started this site to help budding traders create their own profitable trading systems. I’ve also been a long-time member of Investors Underground, which offers good education to traders.

In addition to StockWonk, I am the co-founder of Fit Pro Financial, a company that helps fitness professionals improve their financial fitness. I’m also the brains behind Weightology, a site dedicated to the science of building muscle and losing fat. I have a Master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Florida and a second Master’s degree in exercise science from Washington State University, along with a minor in computer science. I’ve published research in a number of scientific journals, and I’m the former research director for a highly successful weight management program that treats over 400 people per year with an average weight loss of 40 pounds in 3 months.