My Performance

The graph shows my cumulative percent return on my capital since I started tracking it in January of 2019. It is automatically updated daily. It is also time-adjusted for deposits and withdrawals.

Some people ask me, “Shouldn’t you have a billion dollars by now which such huge returns?” I regularly withdraw money from my trading accounts since I pay myself a salary from my trading profits. Also, there is a limit to the scalability of my returns since I mainly trade the smallcap market (even though I have yet to hit that limit).

Here are my verified profits on Kinfo. Kinfo contains my trade history for my Cobra Trading, Tradezero, and Centerpoint corporate accounts. However, it doesn’t show all my profits as it’s not able to connect to my Vision Financial account, and also is not connected to my 2019/early 2020 accounts before I turned corporate. Kinfo is great because, unlike, you can’t game the system and fake your returns ( lets you edit or delete trades).

Performance verified by kinfo

I will eventually be adding more trading statistics to this page.