February Trading Stats


February ended up my best month in terms of absolute profits, and my second best month in terms of % return on my capital (122%) … just narrowly missing my best month of 124% in June 2020.⁠

It could’ve been better…I didn’t let some winners run enough, and I missed some what would’ve been really profitable trades.⁠

I wasn’t green every day, but I was green on most days. Approximately 6 out of every 10 trades were winners, and the size of my winners exceeded the size of my losers. The net gain on my winners was over twice the net loss on my losers.⁠

This is what I talk about when I tell new traders that they need to think like the casino and not the gambler. You need to have a statistical edge. You’re not going to win every trade. You’re going to have losing days. You will also have losing streaks. But if you have a statistical edge, you’ll make money over time.⁠

It’s not what you make in one trade. It’s what you make when you take 100 trades of the same setup.⁠

So do you have a statistical edge in your trading? If you don’t know, you need to start keeping a detailed journal. I generated these stats using Edgewonk, a trading journal that has a lot of cool stats to help you improve your trading.⁠

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